Why Fight Alone?

Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away From A Lawsuit If Injured As A Passenger In A Parent’s Car

It’s difficult to pursue a personal injury claim against a parent. Consider a case in which you are a passenger in your parents car, and he or she causes an accident and you end up getting injured. It may not be easy to hold your parents legally liable for your injuries. A lawsuit against a […]

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Black Lung Disease And Workers Compensation

If you work in a coal-related industry, you are at risk for a debilitating condition called black lung disease. You may qualify for compensation for your disease from your employer, even if you no longer are working. Read on for more information about this disease and how to be compensated for your illness. What Causes […]

Besides Legal Fees, Which Expenses Reduce Your Personal Injury Disbursement?

When you receive your personal injury settlement, you expect to pay the legal fees and keep the rest of the money. However, this may not be the case due to other expenses that may be deducted from your disbursement. Such expenses may include the following. Insurance Liens Personal injury cases last a long time, and […]

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Steps To Take After Surviving A Parking Lot Auto Accident

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident resulting from someone else’s negligence, it can be a challenging and confusing situation. It’s estimated that one in every five auto accidents takes place in a parking lot. Someone backing into you with their automobile can cause both physical and mental damage. If the incident took place on public property—such […]

Suing To Recover Identity Theft Damages: When Businesses Are At Fault

Victims of identity theft wake up one day and shockingly discover their lives in financial chaos. Identity theft is a civil harm, so filing a lawsuit against an identity thief opens a portal for recovering losses. A personal injury attorney who has experience with identity theft law may point out the thief may not be […]

Understanding How Mental Impairment Social Security Applications Are Assessed

Filing for social security assistance is widely known as a difficult process. However, when filing a social security claim for a mental illness, the level of difficulty can skyrocket. The primary reason for this is the guidelines, or lack thereof that pertain to mental impairments. Unlike most physical conditions, the social security administration doesn’t have […]

Innocence Doesn’t Protect You Against A False Confession: Know How To Protect Yourself

Innocence isn’t enough to protect you once you’ve become the target of a police investigation. In fact, many innocent people end up making false confessions that lead to their convictions in criminal court, with little or no other evidence against them. This is what you should know. The Younger You Are, The More Likely That […]

Transgender Spouses May Be Excluded From Getting Workers’ Comp Benefits

When employees die in workplace accidents, their families are generally entitled to receive certain benefits, such as compensation for burial expenses and some financial assistance. However, if you are a transgender individual, you may be denied these benefits even if you are legally married to your spouse. Here what you need to know about this […]