Being bitten by a dog can be a traumatic experience. Many victims of dog bites don't report the incident because they think it's trivial or a waste of time. However, if a dog has bitten you, your dog bite lawyer can make a claim against the owner of the dog and recover damages. Here are some mistakes that could affect your claim.

Not Seeking Medical Attention

Injuries like dog bites may not look serious until after a few days. Bruising and swelling will take some time to appear. Even if the bite doesn't look serious, you should seek immediate medical treatment.

The medical records will be used when presenting evidence to the court. Furthermore, if you fail to seek treatment and you suffer from complications later, the defendant can claim that their dog's bite didn't cause your injuries.

Not Filing a Police Report

Some people get traumatized after a dog bite such that they don't see the use in notifying animal control or the police. In some cases, the dog owner pleads with the victim not to take the matter to animal control or the police with a promise to pay their medical bills.

Alerting the appropriate authorities ensures the incident is documented. Moreover, there are laws about dog bite injuries and damages, and notifying the authorities will ensure these laws are enforced. 

For example, the one-bite rule in many states ensures you're compensated for your injuries if a dog owner learns about their pet's risk potential but does nothing about it. Some states have strict liability laws and the dog owner is held liable for your injuries even if they didn't know their pet was a threat.

Speaking to the Insurance Without Legal Counsel

Many insurance agents will try to minimize their settlements in the best interest of the insurance company. The insurance agents may even record conversations with victims and use this as evidence. For example, if you confess to moving towards the animal, this could be interpreted to mean you were aggressive to the dog. This could significantly affect your claim for damages.

Before the insurance agent or police interrogate you, make sure you have a dog bite lawyer by your side. Additionally, you shouldn't give recorded statements. It's best to allow your injury attorney to speak on your behalf. If you must speak, don't suggest that the injuries are your fault or that you provoked the dog. Also, avoid downplaying the severity of your injuries as you may lose your chance of fair compensation.

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