Dealing with a difficult employer is never easy, but when it concerns a work-related injury or accident the process can become even more tense and unproductive. While avoiding these situations is always preferable, it is not always possible to do so. The goal during any workplace injury incident is to know that your job is safe and that you will be financially protected during your recovery. If you have been injured at work and are dealing with a difficult employer, the following tips will help ensure that your interests are protected and your family's financial future stays on course. 

Document the details of working conditions and the accident or injury

Knowing the details and having accurate documentation to support your position is the best way of leveraging the discussion and keeping a difficult employer interested in working towards a mutually beneficial outcome during a workplace injury scenario. At a minimum, try to obtain eyewitness accounts of the injury as it occurred, as well as accounts of workplace conditions before the accident occurred, such as equipment that was not working properly or hazardous working conditions. Make sure that you can prove that you were using mandated work procedures and wearing or using any mandated protective gear or clothing at the time of the accident. To do this, you may have to have fellow workers make an official statement detailing both your work habits prior to and at the time of the accident or injury. You may also want to have these documents legally signed and notarized in case you are forced to pursue legal action to resolve your situation. 

Track any instances or injury that are not immediately apparent and any records relating to it 

This is particularly helpful when the injury is something that shows up at a later date, such as back and spine issues that may not be noted till hours or even days after the injury occurred. Serious back injuries may seem like minor strains at the time of the injury and become worse over time. To document these, remember to document chiropractic or medical care, purchases of over-the-counter pain medications, back braces or instances where you were forced to miss work or other strenuous activities due to back pain. 

Consult an attorney 

Employers who are uncommunicative or appear to be unwilling to negotiate can create a particularly difficult situation. This is often true when workman's compensation issues are involved. Consulting an attorney with a history of successfully negotiating difficult workman's compensation cases is often the fastest, most productive way to handle difficult workplace injury cases.  

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