If an auto accident that was worked related has turned your life upside down, and your employer is giving you a hard time about getting worker's compensation, it's time to talk with a lawyer. A worker's compensation lawyer can look at your case quickly to determine if you are eligible to get a legal settlement, and they can help you get the process started.

You will want to have some information for your lawyer when you first meet for the compensation. Here are a few items to take that are needed to develop the case.

Description and Statement of Injuries

All of the medical statements and reports you have from your injuries should be compiled in a single folder to show the lawyer. This could be all of the doctor's statements of injuries, the x-rays or other image tests, blood work and any other types of tests that you have taken. Don't let your employer talk you into seeing another doctor until you've met with your lawyer.

Vehicle Accident Report

Is there are a report filed with the police from the accident, stating what happened to cause your injuries? Is there a work report for the injuries? Get this from the police department so your lawyer can see what happened during the accident, and so they can see what your employer is trying to say happened. If the accident was on work time, and you were doing something for work, they are responsible to pay.

Expenses from the Accident

Are there additional expenses from the accident that have been a strain on your life? Are you missing out on hours at work, having to pay someone to help you with work around the house, and are you paying for your medical bills? The lawyer will take all the extra expenses you have into consideration when creating the case.

You also deserve some monetary compensation for the stress that the injury has put on your life, including any stress you have endured because of your employer.  If your employer doesn't want to approve your worker's compensation claim and they don't want to help you pay for the injuries, you need to get a lawyer before you sign any paperwork or agree to anything with them. The lawyer you choose will get the case moving so you aren't dealing with any more financial problems because of the injury, and they'll work out a deal with your employer. Contact a law firm such as Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia LLC for more information.