Statistics show that 2.35 million people are injured or disabled in road accidents throughout the United States each year. Since drivers never plan to be involved in a serious accident, knowing what type of documentation to gather immediately following an accident can be difficult.

Here are three tips that will help you document your accident so that you can better work with an attorney to get the financial compensation you deserve.

1. Whenever possible, take photos of the accident scene.

Since eyewitness accounts can vary, having photographic evidence of your accident scene will help your attorney prove who was at fault. If you have a smart phone, it can make it easier to capture pictures of the scene.

Snapping some photos of any skid marks, the location of the vehicles involved in the accident, and the surrounding environment will make it easier for your attorney to mount a personal injury case on your behalf.

2. Document your injuries as quickly as possible.

Even if you feel as though you have not sustained any serious injuries, it is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately following involvement in an auto accident. Some symptoms of serious injuries could take time to appear, and your body might not feel as much pain as it could due to the shock following an accident.

For example, although the symptoms of whiplash (an injury commonly sustained in auto accidents) usually develop within 24 hours, they may not appear for several days. Seeking immediate medical attention will allow you to document the progression of your injuries, making it easier for your personal injury attorney to prove that your injuries were directly caused by your involvement in an auto accident.

3. Keep a diary in the weeks following your accident.

Maintaining a written record of the effect an auto accident has on daily life is often overlooked by auto accident victims. By keeping a diary in the weeks following your accident, you will be able to track the progression of any mental trauma the accident caused.

Your personal injury attorney will be able to use your diary as proof of the emotional distress you suffered, which might make it easier for you to obtain financial compensation for your emotional trauma.

Knowing how to properly document your auto accident is vital if you want to mount a successful personal injury case in the future. Take photographs of the scene, seek medical attention immediately, and keep a diary to ensure your attorney has access to the documentation required to win your personal injury case. Consider looking into local personal injury lawyers, such as Morales Law, to discuss any concerns you might have.