When a car has been in an accident with a semi-truck, there are factors involved that differ from those of a typical accident between two cars. These differences can play a role in which driver was at fault. The following are three factors to consider when involved in a semi-truck accident, and how a personal injury attorney with experience in this area can be beneficial.

Driver fatigue

Although car drivers can get into accidents because they're tired, it's much more dangerous with truck drivers, especially those driving semi-trucks. These drivers are on the job for many hours and move goods across state lines as well as across the country. Although there are many rules regarding how long a driver can be on the road without taking a certain amount of time off, drivers have been known to stretch the rules. They are required to have log books for their driving hours, and an attorney familiar with these types of cases will know how to interpret the information in these log books.

Stopping and braking

The amount of time it takes to slow down a semi-truck is much different than a car, but what makes it worse is that if a truck driver stops too quickly, his truck can jackknife. This is a situation in which the trailer starts to turn left or right from the rear portion of the trailer. This results in the trailer turning sideways and crossing over one or more lanes. It can also make the truck and trailer move off the road, and in some cases, if there is no center barrier, it can get in the way of oncoming traffic. If it applies, an attorney may use this information to strengthen your case.

Changing lanes

This is a common cause of accidents between cars and trucks. When a large semi-truck is changing lanes, the truck driver has sufficient amount of mirrors placed in strategic areas to see any cars in the way. But drivers can forget to look, and when this happens, the consequences can be deadly. In addition, a mirror can be missing, but an experienced personal injury attorney will know what mirrors are required and will verify that they were in their proper place prior to the accident.

An accident with a semi-truck can become complicated quickly. If you have been in such an accident as a car driver, you may need to get the services of truck accident lawyer for the best chance in receiving the compensation you are entitled to.