All of a sudden, a vehicle darts out into traffic and slams into your passenger side, crushing it and causing serious damage. When this happens, you might be hurt, confused and in need of answers. You can get the outcome that you need and desire, as long as you go about things in the right way. Consider some of the following information, so that you are able to bounce back, get your car fixed and move on with your life, despite the negligence of the other driver.

#1: Stay Calm, Call The Police And Keep Conversation Limited

As you sit in the car, you might be tempted to get into a heated back and forth with the other driver. Perhaps even worst, you might be tempted to play it nice and even apologize in some way for the incident. You shouldn't do either, because heightening tension will cause its own set of ordeals, while even offering a simple "I'm sorry" can be considered admitting guilt in the accident. Instead, call the authorities to report to the scene and fill out an accident report, so that you can begin documenting facts. These facts, including the time of day, weather conditions, location and more will play a huge role in your case. 

#2: Take Photos And Videos As Quickly As Possible

Leave nothing to doubt when it comes to proving the damages in your case. Whip out your cell phone and take shots and videos from a plethora of angles, so that your lawyer has the chance to build you the case that will best represent you. Be sure that you quickly take your vehicle to a shop, so that you are further supporting your case with facts. 

#3: Strongly Consider A Settlement

While the court television shows wouldn't necessary indicate this, the vast majority of these sorts of cases are settled without ever having to go to court. It may be in your advantage to sit down at the negotiation table for a settlement, because you can cut down on legal costs, get paid sooner and avoid being left out to dry by a bad court decision. You'll still need to hire a car accident lawyer, as they can negotiate the best deal for you, to make sure you're getting a settlement amount that you deserve. 

Follow these tips, so that you give yourself the best opportunity to win in court and bounce back from a car wreck.